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Mr Wilson's Second Liners

Jazz & Swing


If you’ve ever wondered what 90s rave, techno and club classics would sound like played by a technicolour New Orleans marching band - haven't we all? - well wonder no more!

Mr Wilson's Second Liners channel the spirit of all those 24 hour party people indebted to a certain Mr Tony Wilson, and get audiences going absolutely nuts wherever they play. The vision is an anarchic street extravaganza, bursting with colour and sound, and rousing audiences young and old into a joyful frenzy.

And that, in a nutshell, is what wedding bands are all about, right?!

Their shows, in the best possible sense, promise the most glorious mayhem and pandemonium - bashing out jubilant, carnival versions of favourites by the likes of A Guy Called Gerald, New Order, The Happy Mondays and loads more Hacienda classics.

They have to be seen to be believed, and positively guarantee the wedding reception of a lifetime!

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