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Qool DJ Marv

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At weddings, Marv puts his ego and DJ persona aside and he become YOUR DJ for the evening. He compiles a running list of your requests between now and when the wedding happens and you can give him 10 songs or 100 songs and he puts them into that pool of selections and applies his skills to your songs on the night of the reception.

You know you asked for it but when I play it and it hits you, it’s a thrill because you didn’t know it was going to happen, says Marv. The jubilation inducing surprises is part of the evening for me and you.” “Consider me your human iPod for that night. Don’t worry that you are imposing or affecting my artistic senses, Marv advises. Feel free to let me know what you’re feeling & songs you prefer, and I will bring everything together with the technique and flow that you’d expect from a pro DJ.

Marv has been DJing live and making mixes featuring music that exude tones of warm feelings and celebratory exuberance since 1989 when he began DJing for fun and a little extra money while at university. In 1995, he earned his 1st residency in New York City and he held residencies at venues both famous and infamous since then. Some highlights of Marv’s career include being the DJ at more than 50 events for the American cable television network HBO in New York and Los Angeles – if you ever enjoyed the Sopranos, Sex In The City, the Wire, Boardwalk Empire or Game Of Thrones, imagine that the DJ at your wedding has played premier parties for the casts and crews of all of those amazing series.

Sometimes DJs are described as “your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ,” Marv was once hired by his favorite DJ, Manchester’s Mr. Scruff, to DJ his wedding.

For your wedding, Marv encourages: Think about those songs that you vibe to when you’re in the car or on the train or chilling out at home when the TVs off and you’re cooking. It still has a place at the wedding. It has a place at the cocktail hour, or when dinner is being served.

Feel good that any style of music that you enjoy will be mixed and presented with professional enthusiasm. “Your musical taste becomes my musical taste when I play your reception.

Because guests at weddings often encompass multiple generations and cultures, Marv strives to include various tempos, decades and styles into the mix.

I really take pride at giving everybody something during the night, whether you’re 13 or 63, he said. I look around the room and pay attention.


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