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Pink Moon Quartet

String Ensemble

  • Bristol


The Pink Moon Quartet put their unique spin on your favourite songs to create something utterly inspired. A contemporary string quartet, these absolute pros are guaranteed to light up your wedding.

The group will sit down with you in advance of your big day to plan the bespoke sounds you're after, and are more than happy to cover your favourite tunes - in their own inimitable style of course.

The Pink Moon Quartet possess a teeming repertoire that includes classics from the worlds of jazz, classical and even movie soundtracks - but it’s their ability to turn modern pop into sumptuous, soaring string pieces that really makes them special.

Whether subtly setting the scene or taking centre stage, The Pink Moon Quartet will bring an exclusive elegance to your wedding bash.


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Our process

Ring Ring Ring


Lets' get to know each other. One of the Wedding Jam team will call to find out how we can help you achieve your musical dream.

Music Consultation


Wedding Jam meet with you to discuss your tastes and preferences in greater depth.

Spin and Swerve Lists


Send across your bangers and clangers so we can pitch the set just right.

Let's Dance!


Memorable music. Unforgettable wedding.

We put you and your music first