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String Ensemble / Pop / Classical

  • London


Everyone wants their wedding elevated to another level. With OneOrchestra's cinematic strings, and majestic arrangements of contemporary tunes, you get a guarantee of the kind of musical elevation you'd only dreamed about.

OneOrchestra's versatility makes them ideal candidates to provide the sounds for your entire shebang - as they're able to seamlessly switch up from elegant and unobtrusive ceremonial music in the daytime, to grandiose and euphoric floorfillers for the evening party.

And that versatility extends to a range of different guises - from gospel choirs, electric string quartets, piano-based sounds and more.



Pink Moon Quartet

The Pink Moon Quartet bring their unique take to your favourite songs to create something inspired. Professional musicians to the core, they are a contemporary string quartet (or trio) that get more from the music.

  • String Ensemble

Wedding Jam Strings

Wedding Jam Strings are an all-female string ensemble mining a wonderfully eclectic repertoire to illuminate your wedding day.

  • String Ensemble

String Out Sister

A highly original, international, and all-female electric-acoustic ensemble, delivering world class entertainment that can be tailored to any event.

  • String Ensemble


Classically-trained violinist Joel brings his jaw-dropping looping skills to make your day completely unique, magical and memorable in ways you could never have imagined!

  • Solo Strings
  • Violinist
  • Pop
  • Hip-hop
  • Classical
  • Folk & Irish

Our process

Ring Ring Ring


Lets' get to know each other. One of the Wedding Jam team will call to find out how we can help you achieve your musical dream.

Music Consultation


Wedding Jam meet with you to discuss your tastes and preferences in greater depth.

Spin and Swerve Lists


Send across your bangers and clangers so we can pitch the set just right.

Let's Dance!


Memorable music. Unforgettable wedding.

We put you and your music first