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WJ 2024 Baker's Dozen

Music is our drug and we are unashamedly addicted! 2024 so far has thrown up some great new music, and we've selected a Baker's Dozen - 13 for the uninitiated - of our favourites as we reach the halfway point of the year.

Ezra Collective

Ezra Collective - Ajala

Ezra Collective bandleader and drummer Femi Koleoso said of this absolute banger "we made Ajala for dancing", and boy did they deliver. The 2023 Mercury Prize winners are masters of the effervescent and celebratory, making thrilling tunes that fuse jazz, Afrobeat and other genres - and 'Ajala' is that in a nutshell. Pure, unadulterated joy.

Jordan Rakei - Learning

The New Zealand-born and Aussie-raised Jordan Rakei came to London in 2015, initially making jazz infused electronic soul from his bedroom. Some nine years later, Rakei has delivered his magnum opus so far, the gorgeous LP 'The Loop'. Lead single 'Learning' is a stirring piece of work, swelling with divine strings and gospel-flavoured backing vocals. Check out this masterful recent performance on Later...with Jools Holland.

Justice ft Tame Impala - Neverender

The kind of collaboration that feels such a natural fit you wonder why it took them so long. French electronic duo Justice return to form, with the help of Tame Impala maestro Kevin Parker, with this total bop that glides along with glorious glitches and pulsing synths.

Kaytranada ft Ravyn Lenae - Video

Canadian producer Kaytranada's distinctive, precision beats are here in all their glory on this airy gem from his recent new record 'Timeless'. Neo-soul singer Ravyn Lenae's angelic vocal floats above the skittering beats and Kaytranada is COOKING!

Yard Act - Down by the Stream

On the surface this is fun, slightly freaky and danceable. Dig a little deeper and you'll find an initially amusing tale about teenage shenanigans that turns dark, dealing with bullying in a brutal and searingly honest way that is actually rather moving and profound. "There's absolutely no excuse". Hear hear!

The WAEVE - City Lights

Channeling 'Scary Monsters'-era Bowie in a big way, especially 'It's No Game', this is all discordant Frippish guitars and honking sax from the great Graham Coxon, alongside his partner Rose Elinor Dougall, and a theme that explores the seedy underbelly of "those city lights" - the sex, the grime, the fun, and all that goes off under the cover of darkness.

English Teacher - Nearly Daffodils

Leeds newcomers English Teacher arrived with a bang earlier in the year with their fabulous debut album 'This Could Be Texas'. The album is brimful of restless ideas, songs that continually shoot off in unexpected directions, and 'Nearly Daffodils' is no different. Packed full of twists and turns, and basslines to die for, English Teacher are no ordinary indie band.

Billie Eilish - LUNCH

Billie Eilish's music at times has been characterised by a kind of reluctance, a shyness, but this pulsating and playful bop comes with a bold and explicit message of queerness and lust. This is Billie at her most confident, and we reckon her music is all the better for it.

Beyoncé - Blackbiird

We wouldn't normally consider a cover version in any new music list, but this is such a gorgeous triumph we just had to include it. Underpinned by the original guitar part from the Beatles classic and also given the McCartney seal of approval, Beyonce's take on Blackbird is just sublime. The lead vocal of perfect and respectful restraint is supplemented by heavenly harmonies and backing vocals that are simultaneously both Beatles-esque and infused with a soulfulness that comes straight out of gospel. 10/10, Bey!

Cookin' Soul ft Kid Frankie - Impecable

Beat-makers extraordinaire Cookin' Soul team up with little-known Spanish rapper - yes, Spanish rapper - Kid Frankie to produce a classic slice of hip-hop that has flown well under the radar, probably due to the fact they're all Spanish. We haven't the faintest idea what they're going on about, but the beats are fresh as hell and we dig it.

of Montreal - Rude Girl on Rotation

Underground indie-psych favourites Of Montreal - aka Kevin Barnes of REM homeland Athens, Georgia - returned this year with this sweet little jam that somehow sounds a little like Nick Drake and also the more pastoral work of Warp Records mainstay Bibio. Super chilled with an endearingly loose production, it's ripe for the summer...should it ever arrive.

The Lemon Twigs - A Dream Is All I Know

Still in their 20s, the D'Addario brothers - otherwise known as The Lemon Twigs - have already proved themselves experts in mining classic 60s and 70s baroque pop. Occasionally prone to being a tad too silly, straying into novelty or outright pastiche, 'A Dream Is All We Know' is the sound of two dudes absolutely nailing it. Right in the sweet spot, and evoking the likes of early 70s McCartney, Todd Rundgren, The Zombies and others, this beautiful track is a masterclass in songwriting and recording.

Kamasi Washington ft Thundercat - Asha The First

These two go together like cheese and wine - utterly natural bedfellows. Kamasi is known for his sprawling jazz-funk odysseys, and this near 8 minute epic is exactly that with some hip-hop thrown in for good measure. Complete with a trademark gnarly solo from bass guitar god Thundercat, Asha The First absolutely slaps from start to finish.

And we make that 13! It's been such a good year that we could have gone a lot bigger and longer, but we'll call that a wrap. Hit us up with your favourite tunes of the year and in the meantime, check out our Spotify playlist below!

The best night of your life deserves the perfect soundtrack.