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Wedding String Quartets

The timeless sound of a string quartet is a sure-fire way of bringing class and elegance to your daytime wedding celebrations.

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Perfect for your drinks reception, and also - of course - the bride's slow amble down the aisle, a wedding string quartet will bring oodles of grace and sophistication to your day.

Comprised of two violinists, a violist, and a cellist, the string quartet's origins can be traced back to the mid-to-late 1700s, via the chamber music of the great Joseph Haydn. Offering the kind of exquisite intimacy a full orchestra could never, while at the same time allowing for layers of harmonic beauty, they have always lent themselves to a certain sense of romance - making them ideal for weddings.

Limited though they are in number, a string quartet has an impressively wide dynamic range, in part due to how softly they can play, while also striking a balance through its virtuoso and often flamboyant first violin, and the cello, keeping things rooted via its heftier tone. The close-knit nature of a string quartet serves as an apt reflection of the intimacy of a wedding and the marrying couple.

Ideal, right?!

Traditionally, of course, string quartets have played the pieces of the great composers, but increasingly many of them boast widely expanded and eclectic repertoires, taking in film scores and interpretations of pop and other contemporary songs. The ensembles on the Wedding Jam roster tick each of those boxes, and it is impossible to go wrong with any of them.

Wedding Jam Strings (above) are armed with a dazzingly varied repertoire including classical, musical theatre, romantic, dance, jazz, rock and pop - from the modern pop bangers of the likes of Calvin Harris and Bruno Mars, to interpretations of The Cure, The Beatles and a whole heap more. They have something for everyone.

Emberwood String Quartet are another magical ensemble with a repertoire almost too big to believe. Moreover, their close friendship only serves to heighten the sense of genuine joy and intimacy - four great mates in unison, creating the most heavenly of sounds.

The magnificent Rubato Strings stretch into genres such as Bollywood, Jewish music and Irish music, coupled with a vast array of classical pieces and their takes on contemporary sounds from the likes of Amy Winehouse, Jeff Buckley, Stevie Wonder, Elbow and so much more.

We meet a multitude of couples who spell out their vision of their perfect wedding day. So often that vision includes a string quartet, and with very good reason. Always in demand, Wedding Jam's selection of super-fresh string quartets provide elite performances and magical musical backdrops.

What are you waiting for?

The best night of your life deserves the perfect soundtrack.