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Soul and Funk Bands for Your Wedding

Soul, Funk and Motown is maybe the most-booked genre at Wedding Jam - here's why!

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The beauty of music is that so many different styles can be perfect for so many situations. It's no different for weddings - there is no one perfect type of act...there is a multitude!

Whether it's pop, ceilidh, jazz, rock n roll, blistering gypsy can all serve to whip up an absolute storm at your evening do. It just comes down to personal preference.

The bands in our 'Soul, Funk and Motown' category are always hugely in-demand, and it's easy to see why.

One of the factors every couple must take into consideration, music-wise, is to somehow straddle the generations, to please as many of your guests as humanly possible. Soul, funk and Motown is an absolute winner as far as that is concerned. With its golden era between the 1960s and 1980s, and a treasure trove of innumerable classics that appeal to everyone, it is a sure-fire hit guaranteed to get your mates and older relatives alike grooving around the dancefloor.

We haven't analysed the data and crunched the numbers, but we reckon 'Superstition' by the godlike genius that is Stevie Wonder is the single most covered song across our entire roster of acts. Ever wondered why this song, with its clavinet-powered groove, is such a wildly popular banger? This fabulous breakdown explains all...

One of our many acts that knock out a fabulous version of that Stevie classic is the brilliant Castles. A recent addition to the Wedding Jam roster, these cats are a class act and already proving super popular. Check out their delicious versions of 'Rock With You', and Sister Sledge's all-timer 'Thinking of You' - among others! Absolute vibes!

The Tremé are serious soul and funk aficionados, and came together thanks to a shared love of The Funk Brothers and The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. This 9-piece line up - featuring drums, bass, guitar, keys and vocals, complemented by a three-piece horn section - can be extended to include additional backing vocalists and percussion to take you deeper and deeper into superfunkytown. Dig it!

London-based Soul Devotion are able to lean into r&b and disco vibes as well as their core soul, funk and Motown, and can even turn their hand to reggae, gospel, and stacks more. Emerging out of some of the most prestigious musical schools in the UK - including the famous Brit School - Soul Devotion boast an inordinately gigantic repertoire of songs...and yes, including Superstition!

The reviews for Good Times speak for themselves - and they're another super-popular Wedding Jam group in the running for 'biggest repertoire in the world'. Their sets are full to the brim of good vibes, and guarantee - naturally - good times. We particularly love their version of Estelle's 'American Boy' - check it out!

The party-starting Groove Therapy live up to their name in a big way, as they glide through their sublime sets tapping into the poppier end of soul such as Whitney, Luther Vandross, Lionel Richie and TLC, and loads more - alongside the likes of Ray Charles, James Brown and, of course, Stevie Wonder and - yes - Superstition!

For Wedding Jam's soul, funk & motown acts, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out our first class stable of soul bands and see if you can make that incredibly difficult decision of narrowing it down to the one you want. We know it's difficult, but we also know you can't go wrong...whatever you decide!

The best night of your life deserves the perfect soundtrack.