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Fresh Jam!

Wedding Jam never sits still and we're constantly on the lookout for new bands, musicians and singers to add to our ever-expanding roster. In 2023 we're expanding further, growing our wicked stable of performers to give you an even more comprehensive selection of the very best sounds around to make your wedding day extra-memorable.

Fresh Jam

(Image: Amy Faith Photography)

Finding new acts - and discovering FRESH JAM - is just one of the many joyful aspects of what we do. We're pretty discerning, and our team of scouts and recruiters are all on the same page and know exactly what to bring to the Wedding Jam table. The bottom line is excellence - whether it's pop, soul, jazz and swing, reggae, afrobeat, funk, indie, house, folk, brass ensembles, electronic, string quartets and classical, 50s rock n roll, you name it - if it's done well then we're into it, and love to get them on board.

We're buzzing to have kicked off 2023 by already bagging several top notch and wildly different new acts - to be revealed and announced in due course - and the process for us never stops, it just rolls on. We're up to our necks in brilliant music of all kinds, and we *love it*!

If you've stopped by our pages before it's always worth coming back and checking out the new stuff. Keep your eye on our socials - Facebook and Instagram - for FRESH JAM announcements throughout the year and beyond. We're bringing the good stuff to your wedding party - day, night or both - and it's a constant thrill for us to be doing so.

We're getting stuck right in to some sweet FRESH JAM. Come get stuck in with us!

The best night of your life deserves the perfect soundtrack.