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10 Underrated Beatles Bangers for a Wedding

For all their accolades, The Beatles aren't usually among the first to spring to mind when considering a banging party playlist - but they have more tunes that go hard than you might imagine. We picked out 10 of our favourite underrated Beatles bangers...


To mark the release of Now and Then, the last Beatles song, we've picked 10 of our favourite underrated Beatles bangers that you might want to consider for your wedding party.

One of the most famous stories in human history reached its final chapter this week, as The Beatles released their final song. One of the few bands to transcend popular music, the Fab Four have become part of the very fabric of this country's heritage and culture, and 'Now and Then' is an affecting and poignant swansong. A story can't be told without knowing how it ends, and this story's final page sees Paul McCartney and Giles Martin - son of so-called fifth Beatle George - helming a project that resurrects a lost John Lennon demo, unearthed by Yoko Ono, to reunite all four Beatles for one last time.

It's an act of closure for the band, for Paul and Ringo, and also for the fans. It closes the most remarkable story, a band who churned out a mindblowing amount of seminal music and development in just eight short years. They left behind an unrivalled body of work, and such is the fame and ubiquity of so many of their hits and songs there are those that tend to get overlooked - so we've picked out 10 of our favourite underrated Beatles bangers.

Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey

George Harrison once said a lyrical device the Beatles liked to use was emphasising duality - the duality of all things, by using opposites. This surreal little banger makes clear what a simple trick this was, but also how effective it can be in making something meaningless sound profound: "The deeper you go, the higher you fly!". This White Album deepcut rattles along with a classic throaty vocal from John, and it's marvellous.

Roll Over Beethoven

A straightforward but rocking Chuck Berry cover from the Fabs' early days, this features some excellent handclaps - one of those simple little touches at which The Beatles were so adept. The track oozes excitement, with the band's passion for Chuck Berry emanating from every pore.

'It's a rockin' little record I want my jockey to play' - indeed George!

Hey Bulldog

For The Beatles, this was a little-known throwaway song, buried on the 1969 Yellow Submarine soundtrack. For almost every other band, it would've been seen as their masterpiece. Featuring a classic McCartney bassline, a blistering guitar solo from John and a big phat groove, it's an effortless piece of brilliance that underscores why The Beatles were the greatest.

One After 909

Banged out in one take at the iconic rooftop gig, this is the band at the end revisiting their rock 'n' roll roots. It chugs along energetically, the sound of a band that love playing together, entirely at ease with themselves and having a great time.

I'm Happy Just To Dance With You

A Hard Days' Night was probably a sweet spot for the Beatles - the innocent and joyous sound of four Liverpool lads simply singing their heads off. This track is one of the album's underrated cuts, driven along by Ringo's relentless drums and hi hats, with George's typically droll vocal embellished by some cracking harmonies from Paul and John.


For all their groundbreaking studio experimentation and super-sophisticated chord changes and melodies, The Beatles were also highly adept at just having a laugh and rocking out. 'Birthday' is a case in point - Ringo is, as usual, on fire, and Paul lets rip with his iconic throaty howl. Rollicking good fun.

I'm A Loser

While The Beatles excelled in their variety and eclecticism, there were some Beatles staples you could always rely on: Ringo's shuffle, Paul's walking basslines, John's rasping throat, and George's Carl Perkins-esque licks. All are present here. And if you've ever manned the dancefloor to this, you'll know there's a perverse pleasure in singing "I'm a loser" in unison with your mates. Dig it.

The Night Before

Paul has a reputation for being nice and clean cut, but he could be a fruity so and so, and 'The Night Before' sees Paul in full fruity mode - "last night is a night I will remember you by / when I think of the things we did, it makes me wanna cry". Oh Paul! Another tune considered by some to be mere album filler that for most other bands would be a career highlight.

She's a Woman

The man of many voices, Macca pulls out one of his best on 'She's a Woman'. And not to be outdone, the rest of the band are - as always - killing it, Ringo and George in particular. John kicks off his Rickenbacker rhythm stabs on the on-beat, then Paul comes in on bass and shoves him onto what feels like the off-beat. Such clever lads.

I'll Cry Instead

Another of John's sadboy laments and, like so many of his sadboy songs, it actually rattles along with great energy. A classic Beatles juxtaposition from the height of Beatlemania - you can almost hear the screams. One minute and forty six seconds of rock and roll with a hint of country flavour, and all the classic Beatle ingredients.

And there we go! Check out this handy little Spotify playlist...!

The best night of your life deserves the perfect soundtrack.