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Why Wedding Music Matters

A great wedding is comprised of many factors all falling into place - and we passionately believe the music on your big day is every bit as important as the other vital elements such as choice of venue, food, dress and other wedding essentials. So why does it matter so much?

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(photo: Raw Photography Ltd)

The chances are, if you're checking out Wedding Jam, you'll have already decided that the music for your special day is going to be a big deal. And you'd be right!

From the moment the bride walks down the aisle, to the last sweaty vestiges of the dancefloor action in the early hours, music is a pivotal and near-constant feature of any great wedding.


It goes without saying that one of the primary objectives is to ensure the music reflects and represents your personalities and tastes. The music on your wedding day is kind of a statement - a chance to showcase what you're all about, and to share those passions with everyone in the room. The discussions you'll have with us, including determining the 'spin and swerve' lists, will ensure that we'll carefully curate a soundtrack that speaks volumes about you both.


For everyone at Wedding Jam, music is a 24/7 passion. We listen at home, in the car, walking the dog, at work, in the bath, at the supermarket - you name it, we're listening! And we recognise music isn't just about the music itself - music is about moments in time, about the memories it both creates and reignites. There is nothing like hearing a particular song you once loved but haven't heard for ages, and how it can immediately transport you back to a time and a place in your life. It is so powerful and so beautiful.

For you and indeed the guests at your wedding - i.e. your closest friends and family - the music will serve precisely the same function. Not only will it set the tone and the mood of the night - which, let's face it, is the priority - it will prick the memories and the feelings of you and your guests for years to come. For each guest it may be a different song and a different moment, but there'll be a song from the evening that, hearing it years later, will transport you right back to the dancefloor at your wedding, meaning those magical moments will resonate and echo in eternity...a lifetime of memories. And that's pretty cool, huh?


It's worth remembering that not everyone in attendance knows each other - and there's nothing like music for breaking down barriers. It is the universal language. And for that reason it will help connect those guests of yours who may never have met - a unifying, bonding force like no other, bringing strangers together and pouring even more positivity into your occasion.

And before you know it your crazy old uni mate and your dear old grandmother will be throwing shapes together to Chic like they've known each other for decades. We've seen it, we've done it - and it's a beautiful thing!

So whether you opt for a live band, a DJ or both, the sounds they pour forth will be a fundamental factor in the day and whether or not it is a triumph. Wedding Jam's roster of bands, singers, musicians and DJs is, in our humble view, unrivalled, and that - allied with our personal, hands-on touch - will ensure your day and night cannot fail. Check out our acts and let's do this!

The best night of your life deserves the perfect soundtrack.