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Wedding Jam - A Year On From The Big Reopening

We wondered if it would ever happen. After over 14 months of lockdown turmoil and tumult, the country fully reopened almost a year ago (19th July, to be precise), after a gradual process that had begun in April. For Wedding Jam, that year-and-a-bit spent in lockdown was, as it had been for everybody, a dark time rife with fear and uncertainty. The year since society opened up again has, for us, been mindblowing - full of joy, euphoria, tears, dancing...the full emotional gamut.

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Weddings were initially reintroduced with limited capacities and while it was better than nothing, and some couples had no alternative, it just wasn't the same. And so when we were fully back in the game, it was emotional. It was mad. It was wild. Just as it was for everyone else in so many other walks of life, professions etc, the year we'd gone through gave us all an additional appreciation and gratitude for our freedoms, putting it all into some sort of context.

And so when we crashed back into action at fivefourstudios, for Vanessa and Simon's wedding - with Paul on the decks and the New York Brass Band busting genres as if their lives depended on it - we were all blown away by the overwhelming sense of love, colour, energy and spirit that completely enveloped the room that night. Happy days!

It's not as if we ever took our job for granted. We didn't: we always felt the privilege and the honour of being asked to supply the tunes for anyone's big day. It's just that after the pandemic, those senses were heightened just that bit more - and, honestly, it hasn't let up at all. We are bounding through weekend after weekend of receptions and parties with a renewed and elevated sense of joy and enthusiasm, and a gigantic appreciation for what we are asked to do.

The past year has been beyond our wildest dreams - a succession of insane nights, mental parties, euphoric evenings. One of the many highlights - and trust us, there have been stacks! - was swimming legend and double Olympic gold medallist Becky Adlington's big day, as she married her boy Andy at the incredible Scarlet Hall in Cheshire. Big days, big nights, big scenes.

When we got going over a decade ago, full of vim and vigour, we never thought it possible that our enthusiasm for what we do could increase. We were already at full capacity. But then who could've predicted what happened worldwide in March 2020. As it turned out, it was a catalyst for us to become even better at what we do. And we were pretty good before!

So on we go, with a packed calendar and the promise of more rammed dancefloors and happy faces...just the way we like it. If you like the cut of our jib and the sound of our sounds, then get in touch and let us help you create your perfect wedding!

The best night of your life deserves the perfect soundtrack.