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Ellie's Friday Fire!

We've got a guest Friday Fire for your pleasure!

This smoking FF selection is from our mate Ellie, of the brilliant Inner City Weddings. In the spring we'll be hooking up with these kindred spirits, all round good guys and absolute legends for a handful of Indie Wedding Fair events, and as we look forward to those we're giving the floor to Ellie to share five of her favourite bops to fire up your Friday! Over to you, Ellie!

20201003 Inner City Weddings Aph Shoot 51

Some absolute all-time favourite bangers here that see me boppin' as I'm moving shit around venues, doing my general event squirreling and being the most badass wedding ninja in the biz.

It's an eclectic mix, bab, but what can I say? My love of music straddles genres. As if I can only pick five?!

Jay Z - Big Pimpin'

Massive tune with an unmistakable flute sample and a thumping bassline that's guaranteed to get the party started. This is an exceptional choice for that moment when couples walk in once their guests are seated ready for grub. This is a part in the day that's sometimes missed, but it's one of my favourite opportunities for a pivotal choon to set the tone and bring some much-needed energy.

Pulp - Common People

One of Sheffield's finest exports, Jarvis Cocker's anthem for the working classes will always have a special place in my heart (not least because his mum used to run the local pub in my village - big up The Grey Horses). The response to this tune round our neck of the woods is always something special to witness, and I’ve seen many a wedding dance floor brought to life with this iconic 90s banger.

Wu Tang Clan - Gravel Pit

Not necessarily one you’d think of as a floor-filler, but this hip-hop classic has an infectious beat that always makes me bounce. The sultry vocals of the chorus bring out the sass in the ladies, and who doesn’t love a bit of Method Man at a wedding?

Reef - Place your Hands

An unequivocal classic beloved of student nights everywhere, the opening guitar riff alone is enough to send my feet to any dance floor. Brimming with unbridled optimism and a break that is just crying out for some serious air-piano, this indie stomper never fails to get hands aloft with its belting chorus.

Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

I’m not even sorry about this last one. It’s *literally* one if the best surprise sets I’ve ever seen at Bestival (many, many moons ago and IDGAF if that makes me old!)

If the DJ drops this, I get to relive my youth. Happy days!

C’mon, 2022 weddings. Let’s have it. LARGE. HUGE. MASSIVE.

The best night of your life deserves the perfect soundtrack.