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Top 2021 Tunes for a 2021 Wedding!

2021 is the year weddings finally return, with limits on numbers set to be scrapped altogether from June 21st. It will mark the end of a torturous and difficult time for every couple and family who've repeatedly had to postpone weddings, pushing them back and pushing them back - and it will mark the start of a glorious new post-covid world. Stepping back into our lives will be a joyous experience for us all - and the wedding receptions this summer are going to be OFF. THE. HOOK!

We've rounded up a few of our favourite fresh cuts from the year so far for you to consider adding to the mix on your big day. We know it's not always easy keeping up with new releases, so if you're looking for some sunny and contemporary sounds for your special night, maybe some of these will be for you!

Arlo Parks Header

BADBADNOTGOOD & MF DOOM - The Chocolate Conquistadors

We have to sneak this one in. Dropped just before Christmas, and just before the music world was rocked by the dreadful news of MF DOOM's death, this dream collab is taken from Grand Theft Auto Online: The Cayo Perico Heist, and it's a right tune. A slow and smoky Latino intro gives way to a magic DOOM verse set to proper car-chase-in-the-sunshine bop. A crushingly sad loss, but a fine way to for DOOM to say goodbye.


One of those tracks that screams nostalgia but somehow sounds fresh as hell. Evoking the more upbeat side of yacht rock dudes like Hall & Oates, Steely Dan and Michael McDonald-era Doobie Brothers, with a nice dollop of 70s Barry Gibb and the Bee Gees, it's not at all difficult to imagine a dancefloor going off to this one.


Canadian producer Kaytranada has that happy knack of making records that even if you've never heard it before you a) know it's him and b) are going to dance. You are going to dance! House chords, a hypnotic bass line, and a beat to die for - this is pure summer party vibes.


Another month, another absolute banger from Dua Lipa. Racking up over 25 million YouTube views in just over two weeks, this looks set to a 2021 summer staple - which is just as well, with its tropical flavour. Summer weddings + summer tunes = happy people.


What a cover version! Lou Hayter was once a member of New Young Pony Club, but she's since begun to forge a wicked little solo career dropping absolute vibes like this gem, a cover of the Steely Dan deep cut from their 1980 LP Gaucho.

With its very wedding-appropriate opening line - "So you better be ready for love, on this glory day" - Hayter brings a kind of cool-as-ice element to the Dan's sublime sunshine sound.


We always thought Molly Burch was a kind of indie singer-songwriter with jazzy tendencies, but right out of the blue she's dropped this sultry disco pop track. And when it's this good, why not?!


A lovely, warm tune with a refrain - "You're not alone like you think you are" - that speaks to a lockdown world and a world that, let's face it, is desperate to reach out to each other, to hold hands and embrace after so long apart. It will be a jubilant time when all this is over, when weddings are back, when we can all reunite. Arlo Parks' 'Hope' is aural affection writ large, and we love it.

Check out our Spotify playlist for all these and more new tracks from 2021! And if there's any you think we need to hear or might have missed, let us know!

The best night of your life deserves the perfect soundtrack.