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Six Great First Dance Songs

Choosing your first dance song can be a bit of a minefield. Over the years we've witnessed some amazing choices, some popular choices, some unusual choices, and some downright funny choices!

There's a whole canon of songs that have been used at countless weddings and so it's perfectly normal to want something a little bit more quirky for your first dance song – many couples want to set their first dance apart from everyone else’s. But at the same time, if the song that binds you together, the song that means the world to you both - your song! - is a commonly-used one, then so what? It's your song, after all.

Picking your first dance song is a highly personal selection but one that can also be fraught with difficulties! Here's just a handful of some of our favourites...


Some great love songs are hard to dance to - we've seen plenty of 'slow dances' turn into a three minute revolving cuddle, but that's fine! A song like The Beach Boys' divine 'God Only Knows' - one of the most beautiful and moving love songs of all-time - might be impossible to dance to, with its tempo changes, but with a such a beautiful message, who cares?

One of, if not the most popular first dance song on earth is the mighty 'At Last' by Etta James, and it's easy to see why. Avoiding some of the cheesier elements of some other popular choices, this all-time great oozes class, oozes passion, and oozes love - and, crucially, it's a very doable slow dance.

Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together' is another A1 first dance selection. Line after line of perfection makes it a hugely popular choice. It's also one of the songs most responsible for the planet's over-population, which, let's be honest, in this instance is another box ticked.

Another genre of first dance songs is the feelgood genre, and not many fit into this category more snugly than 'You Make My Dreams' by Daryl Hall and John Oates. An absolutely strutting tempo and feelgood factor so strong it'll make your guests' smiling faces hurt, as you and your loved one bop around the dancefloor for a three minutes that will never be topped in your lives.

In the same category is Jackie Wilson's '(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher'. Another one we've seen in action several times, and invariably your first dance becomes everyone's dance, as the irresistible tune ensures the floor fills with your guests in a euphoric expression - no, explosion - of uproarious joy and love. And who wouldn't want that?

Let's face it, we could be here all day. We're blessed to live in a world full of amazing music, with so much of that music being about love. We reckon Roberta Flack's 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' is one of the most profound and enchanting love songs of them all. It might be a slow dance, it might even turn into a three minute revolving cuddle, but what it will definitely be is one of the most magical and romantic moments of your lives.

The best night of your life deserves the perfect soundtrack.