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Live wedding band or a DJ?

One of the many headaches in planning a wedding - albeit the nicest of the headaches in our view - is deciding whether to have a live band or a DJ for your evening reception.

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We know organising a wedding can be a majorly stressful experience at times. In fact, a 2018 survey found 71% of respondents said wedding planning was more stressful than other major life events like moving house or job hunting!

It can be fairly common for couples to be torn between having a band or a DJ. Both bring something unique to your wedding party, so we thought we'd lay out some of the pros and cons.

Why Should We Choose a DJ?

Invariably a DJ is the less expensive alternative to a live band. The cheapest of all options is, of course, to do it yourself with your own playlist...

With the inexorable rise of streaming services such as Spotify, many couples these days like to think they can just as easily organise and control the music themselves. For couples who are big music lovers, it’s understandable that they want to be very particular about and heavily involved with the music for their special day - but in doing it yourself you're adding a whole new layer of stress on the night. You don't want that!

It's also worth remembering that DJs - especially Wedding Jam DJs! - will work closely with clients, understanding their likes and dislikes, to tailor the tunes and the vibe on the night.

A DJ will take any stress away from you, ensuring the music runs smoothly and plays constantly. And they will read the room and judge the mood, dropping the right tunes at the exactly the right times to build an amazing atmosphere. A Spotify playlist just doesn't offer that sort of flexibility, while a live band is also much more limited in that regard.

And absolutely no-one wants a tipsy guest finding the laptop and changing the tunes on Spotify themselves! It has been known to happen. Ouch!

Should we book a live band?

A live band brings a real buzz to any occasion. There's something very special about live music, whether it's feeling the literal vibrations of a rocking live band, or the passion and the soul of something a little quieter. There is nothing quite like live music!

A band's repertoire is inevitably smaller than the near limitless ocean of music at a DJ's fingertips, although like DJs a band can read a crowd and respond accordingly. All of the bands, acts and singers on Wedding Jam's roster can tailor their set-lists in advance of your big day, taking requests and learning songs especially for you.

It's worth bearing in mind the amount of space a band can potentially take up, and if your reception venue is on the small side this could become an issue, but if you have the room then a live band can bring seriously good vibes to your wedding party!

Talk to us!

If funds and space allow, having both a DJ and a band at your wedding reception is perfect, the best of both worlds, but we know not everyone has that luxury. Ultimately, if a choice has to be made, then that choice is always going to be a really tough one. If you want to work with Wedding Jam but still haven't decided on a band or a DJ, we're happy to talk to you about it in more detail and help you make the right choice.

Check out our acts and hit us up! Whatever you decide, DJ or band, we'll help make your wedding reception a truly magical one!

The best night of your life deserves the perfect soundtrack.