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Valentine's greatest hits - some great alternative wedding music

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, so we thought it would be appropriate to share a few of our favourite love songs with you. If you don’t splash out on flowers and chocolate, just stick a few of these records on a mixtape for your loved one and you will be sure to get into their good books!

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For couples who are already going strong, we also think that these could make a good first dance or warm-up wedding playlist, especially if you are looking for alternative wedding music that isn’t too predictable.

Stevie Wonder – As

Is this the best love song ever? Probably; it’s just so intense both lyrically and musically. We can vouch for this as a first dance too; not only is it such an achingly romantic song, it can’t help but tempt the guests to join in. Perfection.

The Beatles - Something

The first major hit to be written by George Harrison, it signalled his songwriting genius to the world. This was Frank Sinatra’s favourite love song, which says a lot. The boys certainly knew how to turn the charm on.

Jon Brion - Here We Go

At first this may seem like a bleak listen, but there are few songs more tender and more perceptive about love. It may be the theme to the Paul Thomas Anderson film ‘Punch Drunk Love’, but it barely appears in the movie. The video is also not taken from the movie, and it’s possibly the greatest music video that doesn’t involve dancing zombies or fish-eye lenses.

Paris - I Choose You

Hey baby, come over by the fire and lets listen to a little two-step soul. Aaaaaaahhhhhh yeah.

Jill Scott - He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)

There are many Jill Scott love songs to choose from, but this is the one that feels most laden with romance. It is a hymn to Jill’s former husband (Lyzel Williams) and is as sensitive and lovely as modern soul music gets.

Al Green - Let's Stay Together

When you are choosing the finest love song, this classic always comes into it. The Reverend Al Green’s greatest hit works so beautifully at a wedding too – make sure it’s on your wedding playlist. Some songs are so good that they escape being a cliche, no matter how much they are played.

Floetry - Say Yes

At the end of each of Floetry’s LPs they turned the sexiness up to 11; this is the kind of music that makes babies. What’s more, it’s sung by a South Liverpool lass, Marsha Ambrosius, who remains almost totally unknown here on Merseyside, despite having a Grammy on her mantlepiece and counting Michael Jackson and Dr Dre amongst her collaborators.

Grady Tate - Moondance

You know the song, but do you know this version? It’s surely the finest there is, which is why I tend to always play this at weddings, if I get the chance.

Jamie Lidell - She Needs Me

One of the most talented singers to ever emerge from these shores, Jim is in full on soul-mode here. Want the perfect alternative first dance? You should try this.

King - Hey

What a record this is. At the time of release King were three New York sisters (now down to two, and sometimes known as We Are KING), and the divine 'Hey' featured on their debut EP The Story.

The best night of your life deserves the perfect soundtrack.