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Five inspirational women in music

It’s International Women’s Day, so we decided to highlight five of the most inspiring women in music. From the beauty and power of Beyonce to the gentle grace of Joni Mitchell and on to the combination of the spiritual and the political that makes Erykah Badu so essential. Each and every one of these women brings something truly special to the world of music.

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Kate Bush

Part of being feminine is about self expression and celebrating your uniqueness – which is something that Kate Bush personifies better than just about anybody else.


There is nobody on earth who can match Beyonce in full flight. Yes, some of her songs are ropey, but when she gets it right, there is no stopping her. Can you believe Crazy in Love is almost 17 years old already?!

Joni Mitchell

A supreme musical talent who survived the 1960s and ’70s with her grace and her sanity intact. While Bob Dylan pushed folk into rock territory, Joni Mitchell went deep into the challenges posed by jazz. Joni’s songs are timeless and will continue to inspire for many years to come.

Erykah Badu

The arch-motivator in the re-invention of soul music in the 1990s, Erykah Badu is in touch with the past, present and future of music, life and everything.


Unique is an oft-misused word, but for Bjork it is never enough. Always able to take you to places you’ve never been before, we salute the Icelandic beauty for brightening our days.

The best night of your life deserves the perfect soundtrack.