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10 Cream anthems - House music weddings DJ essentials

The Wedding Jam posse are reformed ravers who turned a passion for clubbing into a desire to DJ.

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Between us we have experienced magic moments in many different venues, but Cream and Full On at Nation in the 1990s were to have a tremendous impact on us. Personally, I absorbed so much knowledge about DJing from simply looking into the DJ booth as the likes of Roger Sanchez, Tony Humphries and LTJ Bukem controlled rooms packed with hundreds of clued-up clubbers. Although you can never beat getting behind the decks for yourself, so much of what we know about our trade was mapped out in the world-famous club on Wolstenholme Square.

On occasion we have been fortunate enough to be invited to play music at Nation, the fabled home of Cream. Indeed, we even have original Cream DJ Andy Carroll on the books here at Wedding Jam; so if you are looking for a house music wedding DJ then we are the ultimate!

A conversation in the office this week turned to our favourite Cream anthems – and we realised there are quite a few! We decided to keep it to Cream’s early days, so these are all pre-1997, which for us was a golden era – after that we were all about Bugged Out!

Anyway, here are ten of the best records from that time!

Wedding Jam’s top 10 Cream anthems…

The best night of your life deserves the perfect soundtrack.