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Sense of Sound



What could make your big day even more special? Sense of Sound Singers are a choir of outstanding vocalists who can give your wedding or civil ceremony a spine-tingling musical lift.

The singers have a repertoire of great love songs rehearsed and ready to perform or for an extra fee you can act as musical director and get the choir to sing your own favourite records. If you love music (and who doesn’t?) then there could be no finer treat to give yourselves and your guests. The choir’s outstanding vocalists have worked with some of the music industry’s brightest stars – from Damon Albarn to Jocelyn Brown, David Gilmour to Russell Watson – Sense of Sound are world-class performers.

Sense of Sound Singers can be booked in various ensembles to suit your budget. You can choose from an intimate vocal quartet through to a more powerful group of eight singers or even the full 12 piece choir for the ultimate joyous uplifting sound that will raise the roof and definitely lift your spirits.